MASTER Factory® identifies the problems in the production departments and the bottlenecks so that changes can be made or targeted decisions can be taken where necessary, in order to achieve greater efficiency in your organization and visible improvement nell’Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

The great variety of articles produced causes continuous exceptions to the rules on the working plane. Thanks to the constraints present in every level of definition, you can manage exceptions as standard products or procedures.

Waste reduction and the error rate
As a result of the centralization of production data and knowledge of procedures, everyone has access to the same updated data at the appropriate time, so that the error rate and work stoppages decrease.increased quality - speed - efficiency

Management of the real-time feedback
Department managers have a real-time view of the status of orders, the progression of labor and the stock. All KPI needed are reproduced clearly through charts and reports.

Shorter delivery times
Your orders are delivered punctually on time, thanks to the flexibility in adjusting the scheduling details according to customer requirements. Moreover, the stock is always proportionate to the production requirements.

More flexibility on the work floor
You can handle the wide variety of articles with their specifications on the work plane. You can anticipate and quickly react to rush orders or interruptions in the process.

E-learning production staff
MASTER Factory® provides learning benefits through the provision of product specifications and the know-how of production to the operator at the appropriate time.

Seamless integration
By using industry standards (ISA-95, B2MML, OPC) is guaranteed the interaction between existing systems: systems, control systems of production and the ERP system.

Management Constraints
MASTER Factory® operates under specific constraints. At all levels (products, equipment, processes) are established limits to determine the actions and activities applicable.


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