Microsoft® .NET

Microsoftdotnet-e1409828648246MASTER Factory® has been fully developed on the Microsoft .NET platform, allowing seamless integration with new software packages.

Object-Relational mapping
MASTER Factory® is supplied standard with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. By using object-relational mapping, MASTER Factory® is very flexible and can also be used with any other type of database. ORM is a technique that connects the databases to object-programming language.

MASTER Factory® is equipped with a security system that ensures user to access to the functionalities according to the level of the user (operator, planner, manager). Microsoft-e1409828623381

MASTER Factory® objects is based on a generic framework object-oriented which is implemented with the specific definitions of the client’s products, processes, flow, work centers, equipment etc.
Thanks to a very flexible module and to the scalable architecture, MASTER Factory® can be initially configured on a modular basis and, in the later stages, according to the needs of the organization..

MASTER Factory® is easy to set up thanks to the use of a DSL tool (domain specific language). In addition to this, the package is completely open to customer -specific expansions.



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