MASTER Factory® adheres to the ISA-95 standard for the development of Manufacturing Execution Systems.ISA 95
Thanks to ISA-95, MASTER Factory® solutions can be used in large and small manufacturing companies and for discrete process, batch process and continuous process. ISA-95 defines the terminology and models used for the integration of operating systems in the areas of management and automation systems.
B2MML or WebServices Streamline, data exchange with ERP
MASTER Factory® uses protocol B2MML or WebServices Streamline to exchange process data between production and ERP in a structured way.
B2MML or WebServices Streamline are supported by leading ERP vendors: SAP, Microsoft, JD Edwards, Oracle e Movex.

OPC for real-time communication with production equipment.
OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a standard that enables communication between hardware and software from multiple suppliers.
MASTER Factory® can exchange process data with all of the automation components supported by the OPC, without any need for interfaces, nor specific drivers. OPC
OPC is supported by leading vendors of hardware and software, such as label printers, barcode scanners, RFID equipment, monitoring systems, equipment for weighing, soft PLC and SCADA.



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