MASTER Factory® is a manufacturing execution system based on industry standards such as ISA-95, B2MML, OPC fully developed in Microsoft .net. This makes it suitable for both large and small businesses, for discrete processes, batch, and on a continuous basis, for a wide variety of different industrial environments: from food to steel, from wood to pharmaceutical and many more.

MASTER Factory® is firmly anchored to an efficient warehouse management system in which production processes are aligned with the raw materials, the semi-finished products and the finished products, from the receipt of raw materials as far as the shipment of finished products.

The functions of MES MASTER Factory®, APS, WMS, Quality, Personnel, OEE, KPI, reporting, management of Label, Knowledge, Historian, Track & Trace are modular and proposed in one integrated solution, according to the needs and the budget available.

MASTER Factory® ensures the highest level of efficiency and cost reduction through the integration of all business processes.

  • real-time data between the management processes and production,
    • actual situation at any time,
    • Optimization of production processes, reducing product waste and downtime,
    • efficiency in the operational management of the factory.


Optimized planning according to available resources
The module APS MASTER Factory ensures the best possible optimization of customer orders depending on the available resources. When you are planning the necessary operations at work centers, MASTER Factorytakes into account, in advance, of the defined constraints: minimum time for setup, materials, personnel, skills, consolidation or splitting. Taken into account that the scheduling is constantly updated, depending on the changing factors, you will not run any risk of bad surprises. The module informs about possible bottlenecks (obstacles) that could hinder the execution of forecasted customer orders. APS

From customer order to operations at work centers
The operations form the basis for the detailed planning. MASTER Factorsplits the customer order into different operations, one operation for each process or semi-finished product that makes up an order. Operations can be bundled, split up and ranked on the basis of the optimization choice. All information pertaining to the processing of a batch are directly related to the respective operation at a work center.
This allows you to quickly calculate the KPls, to perform analysis and to call up data on specific operations, customer orders, work centers, etc.

Just-in-time planning for the efficient stock control
on the basis of detailed planning and of progress of actual production, MASTER Factory produces a forecast in real time. This forecast is synchronized with the Central Control of stocks and allows you to anticipate the real needs of material in the department and to integrate the stocks just-in-time.

Bundling and splitting up of operations
The bundling and splitting up of operations are techniques frequently used by the APS module to optimize the loading of machining centers. The planned customer orders are divided into semi-finished product operations. For orders with semi-finished products in common, their individual operations can be bundled into one or more centers in one big operation. On the opposite, to optimally use the available production capacity, the APS module allows splitting the larger operations. The smaller partial operations are then processed in parallel at different work centers of the same type so that lead times are substantially reduced.

Execution & Control

Machine control in real time
All the specifics of the article and the parameters are included in the definition of the product, which is used by the APS module as the basis for the creation of operations. In consideration of the connection in real-time between MASTER Factory¨ and the machines in the work centers, the correct parameters of process and setup and the label information are sent to the respective machines simultaneously at the beginning of the operation. MASTER Factory¨ supports the OPC standard and thus it can exchange data with all major hardware and software industry. Esecuzione e controllo

Operator Control Panel
The operator control panel is the real reflection of the actual planning and actual situation of the work floor.
The scheduled tasks are displayed on the operator control panel for each work center.
For each transaction, the operator can call up the main items of information, bill of materials, machine parameters and statistics of tasks.


Planning of stocks according to demands
The WMS module ensures both the management of the reception of the raw materials and the control of the stocks of all the semi-finished and finished products. MASTER Factory¨ coordinates the movement of all the materials during the production process so that the stocks can be adjusted according to the actual need for production at any time. WMS

Customer specifics configuration
Storage units and storage areas are virtual equivalents of the storage areas available in the warehouse. MASTER Factory¨ supports all types of storage units with their specific characteristics and ensures the management of the shelves, silos, tanks and containers in general.

Integration with the production process
All the storage units are integrated in the plane of the paths of the production process. Therefore, the relationships between work centers also determine how and when you can locate the products in a storage area. By picking lists, tasks are passed to the warehouse management according to priority.

Logistics at ingoing and outgoing
All movements of the product are recorded in real time via data communication with barcode scanners or RFID equipment. The movements in output / input are treated as operations and translated into picking lists. MASTER Factory¨ is based on the amount of product reserved for planned orders and for ordered raw materials, this allows to calculate the forecast of the necessary stock.

Track & Trace

Integrated traceability
The module provides information, always updated, regarding batches received, processed and available in the work centers. This is possible thanks to the meticulous recording of the material used and of the analysis of its origins. The recording of the process data occurs in real time within the production process. Track & Trace

Dynamic information
Tracing of the data back in the time or forward is an operation that can be performed on each lot. By a single action, these traces gather a large amount of historical production data. You can know immediately through which operations and on which machines was drawn the batch, what raw materials and packaging materials were used during the process and all warehouse movements related to raw materials and to the finished and semi-finished product.

Operations: resources and process data
In any type of environment of process, discrete, continuous or batch, MASTER Factory¨ knows when a specific batch has been processed. The result is that all the information are linked to the operations, providing an instant view of all resources involved.

Quality check

Defining standards
Thanks to the quality control module, it is possible to evaluate all the materials, from raw materials to packaging materials, on the basis of their quality characteristics.
The test results constitute the constraints among those taken into account in the subsequent determination of the production process.
The quality control module allows you to define your own quality standards, the classification and its programming. These standards establish the rule on the basis of which is verified the quality of the product. Controllo qualità

Specifications and classifications
A quality standard is consisting of a series of characteristics or properties of a product that must be tested, for example, color, hardness or taste.
For each resulting value is established the classification corresponding within the quality standard.
The final quality of the lot is determined by taking into account the results of all tests carried out on the batch.
A product can be simultaneously evaluated according to different standards.

Quality along the entire production line.
The results of the quality tests are transmitted from a process to the other and thereby determine the further course of a batch and, indirectly, the final quality of the final product.


Reliable identification
The definition of product determines both the label for the article and the codes EAN and SSCC, which identify the article itself and must appear on the label. In this way, the correct data are sent automatically to the label printers, reducing the error rate. Etichettatura

The variability of the product requires flexibility
Each client has different needs for its product labels, and these requirements include specific logos of the customer, fields or data formats.
Considering the wide range of variables, it is important to be flexible in the context of the labeling. For each article you can specify the contents of the tag field and the links, from the database as far as the variable fields on the label.
The bar codes UCC / EAN, SSCC and THT and data is retrieved from the database in real time based on the definition of product and are then printed on the label.

Integration of label industrial printers
The module is integrated with the more important industrial systems of labeling , for example NiceLabel, Markem, etc., in order to support all printers label. It allows to handle all designs centrally and store a vast archive of labels in the context of traceability.

Production staff

Planning of the staff
In order to elaborate the products in the work centers it is necessary to employ competent staff. The module allows the recording of all relevant data relating to personnel and necessary for the formulation of the production planning and the allocation of tasks.
During the order planning and the allocation of staff to work centers, MASTER Factory¨ takes into account the characteristics that were recorded for individual staff members, as their qualifications and availability (shifts, holidays, illness). The staff can be divided in several groups or teams, according to the specified characteristics.Personale di produzione

Allocation of the staff
MASTER Factory¨ allows the assignment of parameters to work centers. These parameters determine how much and what type of staff is required to run the operations. Therefore, when scheduling orders, not only the products and the machines are reserved, but it is also carried out the planning of the staff, that considers all aspects of the management of personnel itself and of the constraints on the work centers or products.

OEE and reports

Module of reports and OEE
The module of reports and OEE allows to measure the efficiency of every aspect of the production process and to report to all levels within the organization.
The reports of MASTER Factory¨ transmit the necessary feedback on the current status of the operations of the work floor (planned, underway, completed), so that we can take proactive action, identify bottlenecks and take action.
Through the collection of process data in real time you can measure the inactivity, the speed reduction and the loss of quality.
The causes of standstills or delays are recorded on the machines or entered by the operators in the work centers. Reportistica OEE

Customised Reports
MASTER Factory¨ contains a set of predefined reports. However, through the integrated report generator, you can expand the functionalities of standard reports to obtain customized reports.
This allows you to provide the right feedback to the relevant people when they so request, starting from operators up until the CEO.
The report summarizes the vast amount of data recorded in the context of the main causes of standstill, quality problems or machines which are not working at full capacity.
The measures of productivity and KPI calculation are available at any time.


Centralized management of the information.
Thanks to the integration all of the information, you can centralize the know-how relating to products and processes of various fields.
Bringing information to the people who need them, it decreases the error rate.
For example, connecting the information of a definition of a product or a piece of equipment, instructions for operators, the criteria of quality, the maintenance instructions or documents. MASTER Factory¨ provides information at the right time for the staff members who need it (production, administration, management, logistics, maintenance).Informazione

eLearning at the work floor
Operators receive instructions during work phases and information regarding the article and the system on which they are working, notification of the articles to which they should pay particular attention, etc.
Thanks to the built-in security, each user receives displayed the information relevant to him / her relevant.

From photos to customisation of the work
The module enables you to structure and define the objects of information for product definitions, equipments, processes and work centers. The information objects are stored in the database and do not need any more to be stored on an external server. These objects can be images, CAD drawings, electrical plans, HACCP documents, instructions, recommended practices, safety instructions, hyperlinks, procedures, etc.


ManutenzioneThe module supports the scheduled maintenance and extraordinary of factories, machines and plants. It manages both the Scheduled maintenance and on event of failure with notifications through GANTT, prints, grills and email. It allows you to define multiple maintenance plans for the machine: the frequency setting per timing or counter. It fully controls the Parts Department. It provides balance statistics sheet per machine, department, plant, maintenance, faults.

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